Additional Testimonials

Testimony #4

Imagine the horror of finding out at your 10 year old grandsons birthday party that he can't read his birthday cards. For me there was just one answer, get him to Jamie Mincy as quickly as possible. Jamie's style is a back to basic....teach phonics. She cares so much for children and it is evident in her style and manner of working with them. My grandson had been labeled a slow learner in the D.C. school district but we found out the second lesson with Jamie that it just wasn't true. He was able to grasp the concept of breaking a word down, sounding it out which was a boost to his confidence. We met with Jamie twice a week for six weeks and you wouldn't believe the turn around! If you're looking for a tutor with a guaranteed success rate I highly recommend Jamie Mincy.

Sharr'on C


Testimony #5

In any child’s life the ability to read and write is essential in early developmental stages. For Mrs. Mincy to have a vital role in my development, I am forever thankful. I can remember the books and intuitive teaching methods she used to help me understand the basics to reading and writing. Mrs. Mincy was very delicate in introducing the proper grammatical skills that would allow me to express myself in an intelligent manner. At such an early age, reading for some can be frustrating, but with her teaching methods she made my experience fun and exciting. As a recent college graduate, I can honestly say that reading is something that we all must do in order to function successfully in society, and along with functioning at an exceptional level it is sometime overlooked. I was thankful to have Mrs. Mincy as a teacher at such an early age and her role in my development plays a apart in my job function today as an Information Technology Support Specialist. I read anywhere from 2-3 hours a day on technical documentation on server development and application management. I know that without a great foundation of skills I would not able to perform my daily task in my profession where being technically, and grammatically sound matters the most. If any child has an opportunity to work with a woman of her caliber and expertise I know that they too, can flourish in any educational endeavor that they may encounter throughout life.

Ralph M

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