Additional Testimonials

Testimony #2

When my son, Adam was 3 years old, I removed him from a public daycare and put him in the loving care of Jamie Mincy. Jamie established her own fun and creative atmosphere in a neighbor’s home with approximately four other children. She has a kind and cheerful spirit with children and they truly loved her. Jamie has a special way of guiding children in a gentle, but effective way which brings out the best in them. She has a quiet demeanor and is somewhat soft spoken so the children always felt very safe and comfortable with her. Jaime is also very intelligent and motivated. She took it upon herself to teach our children to read and write so they would be better prepared for kindergarten and the grades thereafter. She taught Adam how to stay with a project or task and to see it to the end. In fact, Adam was so well prepared that he was awarded “Best Reader” in 1st grade! He also graduated Magna Cum Laude and in the top 5% of his class at Auburn with a Masters degree in Business Accountancy. I attribute much of Adam’s success in school to the foundation built by Jamie during his formative years.



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